PHU partnership with ISM Online Academy, Russia
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  • December 8, 2014
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PHU partnership with ISM Online Academy, Russia

We are glad to announce our partnership with ISM Online Academy, Russia. For more information, please contact us at ONLINE ISM is an e-learning formatted management hub that is established to enhance the professional skills of the learners across the globe that further injects the potential in them to manage the professional affairs when working in the corporate environment. Launched in June 2013 and being a very new and innovative educational entity Online ISM is an innovative step initiated by the educational council & department of International accreditation of the United States of America.
ISM Online Academy is offering the following PHU endorsed Programs with our certificate/diploma:
1) Online & Onsite Management Courses,
2) Foundation & Professional Internship Program
3) Develop Training Program and
4) Teacher’s Training Program

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at

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