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Pebble Hills University is a great place to launch and continue your career. Although PHU is a multipurpose community where the rights and privileges of all members irrespective of their race, color, nationalities and affiliations in terms of religious beliefs shall be respected, the operations of the University shall be strongly predicated on the doctrine of monotheism. Contact us at if you are interested in working with us.

Career Opportunities for Students

Syriatel supports Syrian students in Syrian Universities and Colleges through providing special programs for students, The most popular program which Syriatel offers is 'Internship Program' to make students familiar with profession and practice. Syriatel hosted about 260 intern Students during 2012, about 400 interns during 2011, and about 200 interns during 2010, this raise in the number of interns is a proof that this program is a success and has the trust of university students.

This program is divided into three sub-programs addressing different types of students according to their practical and educational needs:


    Internship Training :

    The company hosts university students, who are in the third year and above, for one to three months, where students are to commit to fulltime attendance and fulfill required tasks according to every students speciaIty. But this period has been reduced due to current situations to be for a few days.


    Internship Project :

    For this program the company hosts students during first or secondsemester, where Syriatel, the student and the supervisor agree on the subject for the project. No need for fulltime attendance only direct contact with the supervisor and making regular visits as needed. The internship takes in general six months.


    Internship Visit :

    Syriatel hosts students to spend one day in the company in order to visit one section or multiple sections and they will be trained on required subjects by the university.

Research Supervisors

  1. provide the student with at least the minimum stipend specified by our program, if no other external funding is awarded to the student. In case the student receives external funding, the supervisor should strive to top up this award.
  2. Assists the student with the selection and planning of a suitable and manageable research topic.
  3. Is sufficiently familiar with the field of research to provide guidance and/or has a willingness to gain that familiarity before agreeing to act as a supervisor.

Supervisors of any discipline are welcomed.

Online Adjunct Faculty

This position is responsible for teaching online courses. The qualified Instructor will teach online courses which include a variety of tasks such as: developing new strategies to teach the course, preparing handouts, exams and assignments and maintaining positive relationships with students.

Note: Syrian nationality is a must to enter this program. For more information please communicate directly with Dr. Ala’aAlazmeh, Head of training & organizational learning, at

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at

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