Distance Learning Methods

Asynchronous Delivery – Single direction communication techniques are used sometimes, so students do not have to routinely access course material at specific times. Students may view materials at their convenience, as long as weekly assignments and other projects are completed as required and submitted within the deadline.
Synchronous Delivery – Occasionally the faculty will use two-way communication techniques, such as chat- or web-conferencing to enhance the delivery of topics in any course.
Interactive eLearning Technology with audio – This technology is used extensively, so student have to attend such audio lectures with slides online. You can always pause and resume the courses whenever you like. During the course, you will need to complete some assessments as well.
Credit for Testing – Credit for Testing and Exams You may quickly and inexpensively earn credits that you can be applied toward completion of your PHU degree. PHU has registered a Corporate Account of SHL Talent Measurement so our students will be benefited by this development.
Study eLearning/Distance Learning MBA or DBA via our online learning portal – with our long lasting s expertise in Distance Learning, we provide more cost-effective way to deliver quality education to our students. With different platforms, you will get the best learning experience for each disciplines.

Mobile Learning

In today’s hi-tech world, people prefer to communicate with others using their computers, cell phones, and BlackBerry’s. Mobile learning (or mLearning) goes beyond teaching face-to-face in the classroom to allow people the freedom to learn “wherever and whenever”. Mobile learning involves people learning online (eLearning) with their mobile devices.

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