SKYWAY University – List of Students and Graduates
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  • November 19, 2014
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SKYWAY University – List of Students and Graduates

 [Important Notice]:
1. Students MUST verify your students’ status with PHU directly at via your personal email WITHIN THREE MONTHS so that your student record will be entered to the PHU database, otherwise, your record will never be moved to the PHU database.

2. Your student record can be verified through our verification System:

3. If you can not locate you student ID and/or student name below, please contact us by email at as soon as possible.

[Updated: 2014 – 11 – 19]

List of Graduates:

Student ID      Student Name
20140526        M. D. Cheyo
20140527        R. Kalea
20140529        C. NYIRONGO
20140530        A. MWANYIMBO
20140531        B. O. B. DZATOPETSA
20140532        M. N. PILINGU
20140533        G. B. NDALAMA
20140534        E. MAMBA
20140535        D. CHIBISA
20140536        M. B. PHIRI
20140537        J. J. CHIRAMBO
20140538        D. PHIRI
20140539        J. NAMIZINGA
20140540       H. E. KANYONGOLOKA
20140541        I. K. KUSSENI
20140542        E. F. MITIWE
20140543        W. NJAMWAHA
20140544        C. W. NAUNJE
20140545        K. S. M. MHANGO
20140546        I. MISINGA
20140547        A. KAFERE

List of Students:


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