Pebble Hills University Appoints Dr. Qazi Yasir Arafat as Online Adjunct Faculty.
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  • January 10, 2024
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Pebble Hills University Appoints Dr. Qazi Yasir Arafat as Online Adjunct Faculty.


Pebble Hills University (PHU) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Qazi Yasir Arafat as an Online Adjunct Faculty member. Dr. Arafat brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance, further enriching the academic offerings at PHU.

Dr. Arafat holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Banking and Finance from the International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. His dissertation, titled “A Critical Analysis of Earnings Management in the Islamic Banking in the Light of Shariah,” demonstrates his deep understanding of the subject matter. With extensive corporate and teaching experience, Dr. Arafat is well-equipped to provide valuable insights to students at PHU.

Prior to joining PHU, Dr. Arafat served as a Visiting Faculty member at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan and International Islamic University Islamabad. His teaching expertise spans subjects such as Islamic banking and finance, corporate finance, credit management, and financial management at both the MBA and BBA levels. Dr. Arafat’s commitment to delivering high-quality education and his passion for his field make him an exceptional addition to the faculty of PHU.

In addition to his teaching experience, Dr. Arafat has an impressive publication record in HEC recognized journals. His research contributions cover various aspects of Islamic banking and finance, including earnings management, digital transformation, risk management, and the impact of COVID-19 on the performance and stability of banks. Dr. Arafat’s scholarly work reflects his dedication to advancing knowledge in the field and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Qazi Yasir Arafat to our esteemed faculty at Pebble Hills University,” said Director of Faculty Affairs for PHU. “His expertise in Islamic Banking and Finance, coupled with his teaching and research accomplishments, will undoubtedly enhance the academic experience for our students. We are confident that Dr. Arafat’s passion for education and commitment to excellence will greatly contribute to our mission of providing quality higher education.”

As an Online Adjunct Faculty member, Dr. Arafat will engage with students through PHU’s innovative online platform, delivering engaging lectures, providing academic support, and fostering a dynamic learning environment. His appointment further strengthens PHU’s commitment to offering a diverse range of courses and expertise to students around the world.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Qazi Yasir Arafat as he embarks on this exciting journey with Pebble Hills University. For more information about PHU and its faculty, please visit our website at

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