New appointed Associate Director of the Office of the Academic Studies
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  • April 22, 2014
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New appointed Associate Director of the Office of the Academic Studies

We are glad to announce that Prof.dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic is now appointed as our Associate Director of the Office of the Academic Studies.
Dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic is a full professor of Entrepreneurship .She holds B. Sc, M. Sc. and PhD Degrees in Economics, as well as Post Doctoral Studies in Multidisciplinary Studies. After her dissertation completing, she continued her advanced studies in the Netherlands, USA and Russia. She visited famous
universities in the US (Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh), and gave lectures at Lomonosow (Russia) at Oxford University (UK) and recently to students from Franklin College (Switzerland).In addition, she is a visiting professor since at ,St.Kliment Ohridski University ,Sofia University ,Bulgaria ( since 2012-) and University of Wroclaw ,Poland ( 2013 and 2014).
She has served as professor at a number of international universities, foundations and institutes. In addition, she is a Member of Scientific Committee, National Ministry of Science, Serbia (2010-) ,head of the Scientific Centre for Economic Researches, Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia ( 2008-),Member of Management Board of Institute of Institute of Economic Sciences (2008-)member of ERENET- Entrepreneurship Research and Education Network of Central European Universities, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary (2008-), director of Entrepreneurship ,Alumni Association Network ,US (2008-), fellow of ICAS –International Convention of Asia Scholars (2007-), professor of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Studies and so forth.
Prof.dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic

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