Professorship Awards
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Professorship Awards

Distinguished Professorship, Honorary Professorship and Adjunct Professorship Awards

The title of Distinguished Professor is PHU’s highest academic honor. It recognizes a teaching professional whose accomplishments in research or teaching activities have had a significant impact on his or her discipline nationally or internationally.

Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty and alumni. Self nominations are also accepted. For details, please contact us at

Nominations and self-nominations documents required:
1. Detailed CV of the nominees
2. 100-word Personal Statement (for self-nominations)
3. A 100-word description of the nominee from Nominators (for nominations)

All documents shall be sent by email at with the email subject of “Nomination/Self-Nomination for Distinguished Professorship Award”.

PHU Distinguished ProfessorSHIP awards
 Professor Ip Yun Kit, Perry Upon his return from the U.K. in the 1986, Ip Yun Kit, Perry worked with multinational enterprises, namely, Hellmann, IBM, Marubeni, and Burns Philp, assuming different leading roles in numerous projects, such as plastic, telecom, textile, food, optical, gifts and premium, eco-friendly products and fast moving consumer goods in the Greater China region, Asia and Europe. During his full time employment, he was dispatched to London, Jakarta, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Manila for new business development and project management.
Professor Wasajja James PhD (MAK); M.Ed (KU); BA.Ed (MAK); Dip.Ed (KYU) Dr. Wasajja acquired his first higher education certificates from Uganda; attending the prestigious public universities of Makerere University and Kyambogo University before joining Kampala University. His undergraduate research project and first literature project were published before his graduation. Similarly, his research dissertation; “The English Communicative Needs among International Students” which was published 2019 won him several accolades and was finally published as a book by Kampala University. In 2011, when he had just started his PhD, his profile was added on the International Linguistic List making him the first Ugandan to appear on that list.For the last 10 years, Dr. Wasajja has established himself as a vanguard in English Languages, Education, Media and Communication studies.  He has worked in Kampala University and Kampala International University holding several academic and administrative portfolios as Head of Department for Language Department, Director of Distance and In-service Education, Deputy Director of Research and Academic Registrar.  As a Visiting Professor of St. Laurence University, the East African University, Rwanda and the East African University, Kitengera, Kenya, he has contributed to the development of the Education and Language Curricula in all those East African higher Education Institutions.The compass of his education and experience outlines Dr. Wasajja’s modest contribution to the education and Communication Sector. In 2014, after finalizing his PhD, he developed an educational model from his PhD thesis leading to the creation of the first Open University in Uganda, the Royal Open University. The institution has so far helped over 250 community members, mostly youth with disabilities, to acquire education through remote learning. In 2017, Dr. Wasajja presented a paper in the Commonwealth Youth Minister’s Meeting entitled “Inclusive Education for Youth with Disabilities: Exploring the Online Model” and in the same year, he presented a similar paper; “A Dawn to New Reality in Uganda Education: The Transition Experience to Online Learning” which was published in the East African Quality Assurance Journal 2017.Dr. Wasajja has to his credit over 50 publications in National and International Academic journals, conferences proceedings, books and book chapters as well as other periodicals. He has attended conferences and presented papers in Europe, USA and Asia. He is the author of; Students Communication Skills Handbook 1 which is officially used in most East African Institutions and has since sold over 1 Million copies worldwide; Communication Tools for Nurse: Therapeutic Communication and many others. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Language Solutions, a registered International language training and testing center in Kigali, Rwanda.Dr. Wasajja joined University of Kigali in 2018 and has since assisted in the establishment of the School of Communication and Journalism where he has so far designed six (6) curricula and became the School’s first Dean. He has also served as Director for the university’s Centre for Modern Languages and as a Director for University Communication. He recently developed two English Curricula at Kigali Independent University, Rwanda.
 Dr. Tan Kok Siang Dr. Tan is involved in Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy for a period of 10 years. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Healing, from US. Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate from UK and highest award from The Newton Institute (TNI), US on Life Between Lives (LBL) as their Certified LBL Therapist (A Specialized Hypnotherapy area of Certification which deal with the After Death and Before Born Therapy), which currently only 7 Therapists being Certified in Asia and 2 in Malaysia, which Dr. Tan Kok Siang is one of them. Other than a Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Tan also a Healer.
Prof. Quang Duy LuongDistinguished Professor Award (Medical Science)
Prof. Quang Duy Luong is a clinical practitioner specializing in therapeutic radiography who believes that patients should be a priority in medicine. His research interest focuses mainly on biomedical engineering, nanoinformatics, and onco-nanotechnology. In public health, he has published first-of-its-kind research on patient safety in Vietnam in International Surgery. He holds a BSc(Hons) in Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry from the University of Essex before achieving an MSc in Oncology from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and a Postgraduate Certificate in Internal Medicine and Ph.D. in Cancer from the University of Edinburgh. Besides, he also completed other studies at the master’s level in research methods and medical imaging science from James Cook University and the University of Sydney.
 Prof. Dr. Joyce Bukirwa Rebecca Sessanga Professor Joyce Bukirwa Rebecca Sessanga is a female Ugandan and a Professor of Educational Psychology. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology, Masters degree in Educational Psychology, a Bachelor of Science  with Education in Chemistry and Mathematics and a Diploma in Guidance and Counseling. She is a publisher and a well accomplished professional with a sound personality and a high  level of  self drive. She has  a vast experience in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Her main objective as an academic is to promote the image of training institutions through research and to improve the processes of teaching and learning in institutions by embracing new innovations suitable for the 21st Century.  In addition to supervising students in research, she is also an external examiner for some Universities in Uganda.
 Dr. Cyprian Friday Edward-Ekpo Cyprian Edward-Ekpo is Registrar of International Institute for Humanitarian & Environmental Law, and legal researcher, scholar and human rights advocate nominated to serve as the proterm-Director of the newly formed Institute of Law Research and Development of United Nations (Non-profit). He is the Managing Director / Dean of Research in Multi Intelligence Development Company, a firm of consultants in oil and gas law, environmental law, intellectual property, education consultancy and publishing. He also serves currently as Consultant to the Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (CIPMN). A man noted for his insight into reality of multi-dimensional and prolific writings, is an author of books and several scholarly / media articles. He is an editorial board member and reader of three legal publications in the United Kingdom and Africa.
 Dr. Dr. Pongkit Ekvitayavetchanukul <<Education development is about improving the quality of life of the world’s population.  Opportunity and access to education is critically important>>Dr. Pongkit Ekvitayavetchanukul have always been committed to working in the education field, both in the normal learning system and also in special education.  I have also contributed to a parallel study called the competency-based curriculum. In this study I pursued educational innovation development such as the establishment of a distance learning center, an Elearning system, and partnering with international universities to create new opportunities and visions for my students to participate in continuing education.
CIM ADJUNCT Professorship Awards
 Professor Kingstone Prince Ngwira Dr. Kingstone Ngwira is a mature consultant with over 10 years experience in problem solving, managerial decision making and consultancy and research with analytical skills. He holds a degree of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Malawi and Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Columbia Commonwealth University, USA.Currently, the Chancellor for Pentecostal Life University, Dr Kingstone Ngwira believes in Competence, Character and Connectivity.
 Professor David Boston Kamchacha David has over 25 years’ experience in Managing and Developing Agricultural Inputs Markets especially fertilizer. He also has over 15 years of experience in Business and Project Management and is an excellent facilitator, managing to communicate in a sincere way with people from all walks of life – from Government staff to rural farmers. He has represented the projects in areas of public Relations activities and liaised on behalf of the Projects with the Donors, Government, NGOs and the Private Sector in Malawi. David has over fifteen years of experience in Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, Information Processing, Strategic Market Research, Planning and Development. His close follow up of Malawi’s Agri input Market Liberalization, his participation in the inputs supply system assessment and his training in Agri Inputs Marketing in the United States of America and Europe gives him a plus in managing business and projects under competitive environment.
Professor Malango Chinthenga Dr Malango Chinthenga is an Experienced Management Strategist and Advisor and Capacity Development Specialist with over 15 years of work experience in the Consulting, Corporate and Academic industries. Up to date, Dr Malango Chinthenga has trained over two thousand participants from the corporate world in Malawi and beyond.
Professor Petrus Johannes Van Staden Prof Petrus J. Van Staden. PhD (WCU), MPA (CCU), Bed (Psy) (CCU), B Com (Honours) UK, Adv Business Management (M/MBA) (RAU) Dip. Human Rights (RAU), Dip. Management Science UK. Masters in Management (UK& SA), Management Science in Police and Traffic Control, Prof Van Staden lectured part time at Mancosa/ Buckinghamshire University College the following subjects: Marketing Management and Strategic Management. He also lectures Law subjects at the Training Academy for Police Officers.  Visiting Lecturer Business School of Nederland where he lectured Doctoral students in the following: Research Methodology.  He also taught and supervised assignments, thesis and dissertation writing to master and doctoral students. Several of his research work has been publish internationally. Prof Van Staden is member of the South African Institution of Economic and Management Scientists and a member of the Production Management Institute of South Africa as a Professional Production Manager. Specialised in Management & Law and Research

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