[Important notice to all Skyway University students/graduates]
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  • November 25, 2014
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[Important notice to all Skyway University students/graduates]

Skyway University students/graduates: We understand that some students/graduates still have not yet received their graduation documents. This is sue to the lack of fund received from the Skyway University. Some students/graduates have even received FAKE TRANSCRIPTS WITH FORGED REGISTRAR’S SIGNATURE. If you would like to protect your interest and increase your possibility to obtain a real degree and transcript for your study, please CONTACT US at registrar@pebblehills.university directly without hesitation now. Delay in contacting us may lead to further delay or waste of your time and money. We will show you how the real transcript looks like. If you receive a fake document without contacting us, your employer or future employer will never be able to verify your degree from us since we do not have your record. Only paid graduates who have received the authentic set of graduation packages will be listed at http://pebblehills.university/newsandevents/skyway-university-list-of-students-and-graduates/. Please check there.

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at admission@pebblehills.university

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