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  • August 5, 2014
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We have received some enquiries from students of Skyway University (SU) and we are very disappointed and frustrated that the transcripts issued by SU bear the Pebble Hills University (PHU) logo and the initial of “PHU” without our approval. We hope that we can provide a once-and-for-all explanation to clear your doubts. Please refer to the clarifications below:

1. PHU does not authorize any partners to use our logo in their transcript;
2. If you have received the transcript with our Logo but it does not look like our official logo, you are not PHU’s students until you have received a verifiable student ID number. You may verify your identity online at Prompt verification service will be especially provided to SU students.
3. Briefly speaking, if you have paid the SU and they have paid us the relevant charges with all the applications and supporting documents required, you will be issued a PHU official and verifiable student ID number. If you still have not received the relevant ID number, that means PHU has neither received the payment from the SU nor your application and supporting documents.
4. SU has promised to pay AT LEAST weekly to deal with the financial obligation, however, up to now, this promise has been totally broken without any explanation. You may contact SU for their explanation since PHU also wants to know the answer but they have never provided us any reasonable explanation but just keep delaying and asking us to wait. Yet, PHU cannot be so passive again since this may affect our reputation and the students who genuinely want our qualifications. We make this announcement to protect our prospective students and ourselves. If necessary, we may set up a separate page at our website exclusive for SU Students and in which, timeline of the collaboration and the promises will be listed to further remove your doubts. We have to state that this collaboration is the worst we ever have since the Persons-in-charge can never keep promises and they have no sense of guilt by delaying, procrastinating and breaking promises. We express total disappointment.
5. As you may have seen, SU is not displayed at our website since they have never registered at our Partners’ Portal which is required.
6. Finally, if you need any assistance from PHU and you have any complaint, please contact us directly at and PHU will try our very best to help.

We would be happy if this email explains everything you are concerning.

N. Shirley (Ms.)
Office of External Affairs and Communications
Pebble Hills University


Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at

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