Dr. Kagiso Smooth Kgweetsi is a highly accomplished and respected educator, renowned for his significant contributions to the field of education. With over 23 years of experience in the sector, Dr. Kgweetsi has demonstrated exemplary leadership, passion, and commitment to fostering academic excellence and creating impactful learning environments.


  • Doctor of Educational Management (Honoris Causa) – Pebble Hills University
  • MA in Social Sciences (MASS) – School of Business and Trade, Lurcene, Switzerland
  • DSE/ English and Social Studies – Molepolole College of Education

Professional Achievements:

  • Head of Department, Ministry of Education and Skills Development
    • Nkange JSS (2016)
    • Masunga Senior (2018 – June 2022)
    • Mopipi JSS (June 2022 – Present)
  • Corporate Training:
    • Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) – UNESCO
    • Supervisory Leadership – University of Botswana
    • Human Resources Management and Motivation – Realic Educational Services
    • Computer Operations – Realic Educational Services

Contributions to Education:

  • Botswana Examination Council English Paper 2-Continous Writing Team Leader
  • Curriculum Developer – Ministry of Education and Skills Development
    • English JCE Curriculum (2023)
  • Publications and Contributions:
    • Masunga Senior Newsletter COVID-19 Response, Stakeholder Publications – Editor and Publisher
    • North East District Population and Development Profile 2021 – Editor
    • Living Skills-Window of Hope Book (Emerging Issues, COVID-19 2021 for Senior Schools) – Researcher and Editor
    • Maru-A-Pula Orphans and Needy Children Scholarship Program – Founder
    • Headaches of a Modern-Day School Head – Researcher and Presenter
    • Smooth Conversations: Volume 1 (2009), Volume 2 (2014) – Author
    • Literature in Schools – Published by Pentagon (2004) – Author

Skills and Expertise:

  • Motivational and Public Speaker
  • Trainer of Top Management on Work Ethics, Work Culture, and Supervisory Leadership
  • Action Researcher
  • Editor of Publications and Educational Dissertations
  • Institution Liaison Person
  • Institution Brand Ambassador

Dr. Kagiso Smooth Kgweetsi’s commitment to educational excellence, strategic thinking, and dedication to enhancing the learning experience of students have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. As a recipient of the prestigious Doctor of Educational Management (Honoris Causa) degree from Pebble Hills University, Dr. Kgweetsi continues to inspire educators worldwide and shape the future of education through his remarkable leadership and expertise.

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