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RingConCern Training center

General Information

RingConCern Training Center is a Certified National Psychological Counsellor, Psychological First Aid, NLP and Hypnotists Training Center in china and Hong Kong, RingConCern Training Center are accredited by International Association for talent Development (IATD), American Board for Hypnotherapy and National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Professional Competence Assessment Committee (CVEQC).

Pebble Hills University, a global university, accredited by Confederation of International Accreditation Commission and World Council for Regular and Distance Education. The university degrees are validated by California University FCE. The Academic Board of California University FCE finds the curricula of Pebble Hills University as equivalent to the curricula of regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America. California University FCE is an ED.GOV Recommended Credential Evaluators, and it is also a member of The American Evaluation Association recommended by the United States Department of Education as evaluators for Educational Grant Programs. 

Admission Requirement

Before enrolling in the program, student must fulfill the following Eligibility:

  1. 1. Applicants must possess an appropriate Undergraduate University or College degree from a recognized institution
  2. 2. Applicants who do not hold a university or college degree, will be considered for admissions if they have professional certification/diploma AND minimum three years full-time appropriate work experience

Open Enrollment Policy

Please contact RCCTC for enrollment

PHU: Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. There is also flexibility in pacing the course. All of the courses are distance learning courses offered online through our eCampus. PHU online courses operate on an open enrollment policy; there are no enrollment deadlines. This means the distance learning course starts for you on the day your registration is accepted. Registrations are processed and accepted on most business days.


Modules offered by RingConCern (RCCTC)
RCC001               NLP Practitioner Certificate                        6
RCC002               Introduction to Positive Psychology          6
RCC003               Basic Hypnotherapy Certificate                  6
RCC004               Master Hypnotherapy Certificate               6
RCC005               Introduction to Psychology                         6

Modules offered by PHU – MA Counseling and Social Services Management
YST004   Training Program Development                              3
YST005   Coaching and Mentoring                                          3
MGT015  Basics of Human Resources Management          3
MGT042  Employee Motivational Training                             3

Fees And Finance

Graduation Requirement

Items Fees and Charges
National Psychological Counsellor CourseNLP Master Practitioner Certification Course Please contact RCCTC
Top-up MA US$1,200

Other Information

We understand that the pursuit of a college degree can represent financial uncertainties and challenges. PHU offers flexible payment plans to make your learning affordable. You may discuss with our Admission Director for other plans which fit your needs.


Contact us

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at admission@pebblehills.university

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