Be a Dr. with Pebble Hills University
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  • September 23, 2014
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Be a Dr. with Pebble Hills University

In order to deal with the competitive market, working adults are keen to study. You must try to inculcate the skills of selection and maintenance of aim in life. The best study mode for working adults would be distance learning, which is practical for them to balance their work, family and study.


PhD is a very prestigious qualification which grants you the title of Doctor. According to Pebble Hills University (PHU), the highly diverse community at the University consists from many cultures, nationalities and religions offers students a unique environment and a great experience to get their PhD there.


Pebble Hills University is now offering PhD at a very low cost. With scholarship and exemption, the fee could be as low as US$2800 (Two routes are available: 1. Research ONLY OR 2. Coursework plus Research). Please contact the Admission Office at for further information. Upon graduation, CUFCE (California University Foreign Credential Evaluator) General Report will be provided as well.


Brochure is downloadable at

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at

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