Affordable Mini-MBA for working adults (Pebble Hills University)
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  • September 23, 2014
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Affordable Mini-MBA for working adults (Pebble Hills University)

In order to deal with the competitive market, working adults are keen to study. You must try to inculcate the skills of selection and maintenance of aim in life. The best study mode for working adults would be distance learning, which is practical for them to balance their work, family and study.


The overriding philosophy of an outstanding distance learning University is to prepare managers, administrators, scientists, engineers, technologists and agriculturists for critical tasks of the moment and for the future. This objective will be met by providing a foundation on which students can build and grow after they graduate; a foundation sufficiently general to be relevant to a broad range of management, social and technology contexts. Global business is expanding, that’s why you need a global institution with a radical outlook towards education. Due to an education system based on real world values, the knowledge gained can be incorporated easily & more practically in the relevant field.


According to Pebble Hills University (PHU), the highly diverse community at the University consists from many cultures, nationalities and religions offers students a unique environment and a great experience. Pebble Hills University mini-MBA graduates are eligible to apply for the award of Chartered Manager from Chartered Institute of Management, Canada. They highly recommend their graduates to obtain the said designation and award. Pebble Hills University mini-MBA certificate can be notarized and authenticated at USA, attested in Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, etc. if you are from Middle East. California University Foreign Credential Evaluator (CUFCE) also certifies the credits earned at PHU to be equivalent to any other accredited colleges and universities of USA.


By completing four online business courses, you will be award a mini-MBA Certificate by Pebble Hills University. The University provides detailed information at


Core Courses

l   Business Leadership Skills                                                               3 Credits

l   Planning & Scheduling Skills For Managers                                   3 Credits

Specialization Courses for Sales and Marketing

l   Corporate Branding                                                                       3 Credits

l   Customer Relationship Management                                              3 Credits

Specialization Courses for Management

l   Project Management Skills                                                             3 Credits

l   Managing Across Cultures                                                              3 Credits

Specialization Courses for Personnel Training and Development

l   Training Program Development                                                      3 Credits

l   Employee Trainer Training Techniques                                            3 Credits


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