We are glad to announce that Prof. Cyprian F. Edward-Ekpo has been awarded with PHU’s Distinguished Professorship Award. Cyprian Edward-Ekpo is Registrar of International Institute for Humanitarian & Environmental Law, and legal researcher, scholar and human rights advocate nominated to serve as the proterm-Director of the newly formed Institute of Law Research and Development of United Nations (Non-profit). He is the Managing Director / Dean of Research in Multi Intelligence Development Company, a firm of consultants in oil and gas law, environmental law, intellectual property, education consultancy and publishing. He also serves currently as Consultant to the Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (CIPMN). A man noted for his insight into reality of multi-dimensional and prolific writings, is an author of books and several scholarly / media articles. He is an editorial board member and reader of three legal publications in the United Kingdom and Africa.

He has worked with law institutions as a research fellow, faculty member, team leader and consultant. Between 2012-2018, he served as advisor to the Senate Committee on Environmental & Ecology, Federal Republic of Nigeria, amongst several other agencies, as well as private corporate entities. He has authored insightful and thought-provoking books and articles, among which he is the lead-author of the masterpiece, a 1045 pages Book titled “ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: HUMAN RIGHTS AND GLOBALIZATION – DEVELOPMENT AND DYNAMICS” (Hard Cover, ISBN 978-978-900-152-1). He also authors “The World as He Saw It: Mystery and Idiosyncrasy Conceptualizing My Grandfather” and “ The Travails of a Tormented Rose” .

His other works in the making include, “Budgeting Good Governance: Democracy and Human Rights Dimension”, “The Dimensions of Environmental Law”, “The Loss of Republic, the De[1]democratization of Nigeria”, “Environmental Law and Sustainable Development: Policy Options Implementation and Enforcement Strategies for Nigeria”, “The Evils of Sovereignty“, “International Human Rights Law and the Environment: The Sticky Elements”, “ Six Decades a Missing President : Why Nigeria Fails”, “ Judgment Enfacement : Prospects and Problems”, and “Law in Tears : Lego-Nihilism and the Decimation of Judicial Supremacy”. Edward-Ekpo has presented innumerable papers, especially on human rights, environment, development and legal issues, and has participated as a scholar, initiator, contributor, coordinator and organizer in seminars, workshops, summits and conferences at national and international levels. To mention but a few, he Coordinated the International Summit on Niger Delta Environment, Economic Development & Human Rights, a program organized by the Senate Committee on Environment & Ecology, Federal Republic of Nigeria in Collaboration with International Society of Environmental Geotechnologists, University of California, UNESCO’s Regional Office for Africa, and the International Institute for Humanitarian & Environmental Law, held on November 2010 at the Ministry of Justice, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the ECOTECH Climate Change Program “program of the Senate Committee on Environment & Ecology, UNESCO regional Office for Africa and International Institute for Humanitarian & Environmental Law (ISHERL) held in December 2011 and chaired by Professor Hilary Inyang, Duke Energy Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering & Science , Former Technical Judge of U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission & formerly Technical Committee Chair , Science Advisory Board of U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Cyprian Edward-Ekpo has written several scholarly and lecture articles, amongst many which is the one widely cited in scholarly works, titled “CONFIGURATION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TO ENHANCE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA- LEGAL AND INSTITUTIONAL PARADIGMS” available at https://www.academia.edu. Edward-Ekpo holds an LLB (Law) Degree (2001) and PGD (Petroleum & Environmental Law (2004) (Rivers State University of Science & Technology, Port Harcourt ). He underwent a Master of Laws (LLM) Degree programme (2011-2014) University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He also holds a Chartered qualifying professional Fellow’s Certificate in Project

Management (2018), (Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (CIPMN)), Certificate in Legislative Drafting & Parliamentary Administration (Joint Institutions award, 2013) ( International Law institute, Washington DC & National Institute of Legislative Studies, Abuja , Nigeria. He was awarded an Honorary Professor Degree in the field of Public International Law (2021) (Smart International Academy & College, SIA, United Kingdom).

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