The Doctor of Excellence is an honorary degree that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa.

Recipients of an honorary doctorate such as the Excellentia Doctor may if they wish adopt the title of “doctor”. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, it is now a matter of personal preference should an honorary doctor use the formal title of “doctor”, regardless of the background circumstances for the award. The recipient of an honorary degree should always be made clear that the degree is honorary. For example:

Dr. Johnson Hay (D.Hon.Ex.)
Dr. Johnson Hay, Doctor of Excellence (H.C.)
Dr. Johnson Hay, Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa)
Hon. Dr. Johnson Hay, Doctor of Excellence
HonD. Johnson Hay, Doctor of Excellence

Procedures for the Doctor of Excellence Award

The steps for the conferment of a Doctor of Excellence are:

  1. Submit the Application Form, Curriculum Vitae, and documents to the Admission Office ( in electronic format.
  2. The Admission Office will instruct about your initial eligibility for this award.
  3. If the Admission Office endorses your eligibility you will be required to pay the fee.
  4. Once the fee has been paid, your documents will be distributed among the Committee. It takes two to four working days to get the response from the Committee.
  5. The Admission Office will register the votes required for the conferment of the award.
  6. The Doctor of Excellence will not be awarded until the required fees have been paid.
  7. The Doctor of Excellence Award is conferred in the language of English.

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