Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez is a distinguished figure in the field of nursing education, and his contributions have earned him two prestigious honors: the Doctor Honoris Causa in Education (Nursing) and the Distinguished Professorship Award in Nursing Education from Pebble Hills University. With an extensive background and remarkable achievements, Prof. Fernandez exemplifies excellence and dedication in his profession.

Prof. Fernandez’s qualifications include a range of certifications, such as RN, MAN, USRN, CTN, CFN, CFRA, CMA, LFC, and an MBA ©. His expertise spans multiple domains, including being a Certified Telemetry Nurse (CTN), Certified Medical Aesthetician (CMA), Certified Forensic Nurse (CFN), Licensed Financial Consultant (LFC), Certified Family and Relationship Advisor (CFRN), and more.

Currently serving as a faculty member at the FEU Institute of Technology’s Nursing Department, Prof. Fernandez imparts his vast knowledge to aspiring nursing professionals, providing them with the necessary skills to excel in their careers. In addition, he is the owner of Nailax Aesthetic, Salon and Spa Clinic, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the field of aesthetics.

Prof. Fernandez’s impact extends beyond his role as an educator and entrepreneur. He is actively engaged as a network marketer for First Vita Plus and holds a license as a Financial Wealth Planner with FWD Philippines. Furthermore, his expertise has led him to become a respected HAAD-DHA-PROMETRIC-QATAR Examination Reviewer, contributing to the advancement of nursing education on an international scale.

With a passion for sharing knowledge, Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez has served as a national and international lecturer and freelance reviewer. He is also a forensic nurse educator for FNDI & SANE at Camp Crame, where he imparts his expertise in the field of forensic nursing. Furthermore, he is an accredited instructor for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support, recognized by the American Safety and Health Institute.

Prof. Fernandez’s commitment to nursing education is evident through his role as the Managing Director of Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC) in Bohol and Siquijor. He has been instrumental in providing comprehensive and effective nursing board exam reviews, helping aspiring healthcare professionals achieve their goals. As a PNLE Board Reviewer at both the Carl Balita Review Center and Peak Review Center, he has contributed significantly to the success of countless nursing students.

The conferral of the Doctor Honoris Causa in Education (Nursing) and the Distinguished Professorship Award in Nursing Education upon Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez by Pebble Hills University reflects his exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication to the nursing profession. His contributions as an educator, entrepreneur, reviewer, and mentor continue to shape the future of nursing education and inspire aspiring healthcare professionals to strive for excellence.

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