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    Faculty Staff

  • Mode of Study

    Distance Learning

  • US $3,280

General Information

  1. The program is recognised internationally as the most suitable qualification to prepare I.T. professional for successful careers within the senior cadres of their organization.

Admission Requirement

1. Applicants must possess an appropriate Undergraduate University or College degree from a recognized institution
2. Applicants who do not hold a university or college degree, will be considered for admissions if they have professional certification / diploma AND minimum three years full-time appropriate work experience

Professional Recognition

PHU is fully accredited by The Public Foundation “Independent Accreditation Agency ‘BILIM-STANDARD’” of Kyrgyz Republic. This esteemed accrediting body operates internationally and holds membership in prominent organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Quality Assurance Network (APQN), the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), and the Eurasian Association for the Assessment of Quality in Education. Additionally, AUBSS has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating its commitment to quality management systems. More importantly The Public Foundation “Independent Accreditation Agency “Bilim-Standard” in the Kyrgyz Republic. “Bilim-Standard” is recognized by the National Accreditation Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

PHU Accreditation

Pebble Hills University is a highly respected institution that has earned accreditation from several reputable organizations. The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) has recognized Pebble Hills University’s commitment to providing quality education by accrediting it alongside several other notable universities, including Islamic Azad University, UAE (Dubai) Branch/Science and Research Branch (Iran), Central Asian University’s School of Dentistry, Myanmar Commercial University, KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi (deemed-to-be university, India), Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University (Cambodia), Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (Kyrgyz Republic), Daaru Salaam University (DSU, Somalia), African Virtual Campus University (nationally accredited Liberian university). QAHE is an ISO 17011:2017 certified accrediting agency and is nationally and internationally recognized by various organizations such as Council on International Higher Education Supervision (CONIES) Austria, AAEPO of Kyrgyz Republic, and many others.

Open Enrollment Policy

Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. There is also flexibility in pacing the course.


About our Thesis Supervisors

Core Courses Core title Credit Unit
MGT001 Business Management and Leadership 3 credits
MGT004 Knowledge Management and Technology 3 credits
MGT007 Online Business and eCommerce Management 3 credits
MGT008 Risk Management and Business Ethics 3 credits
MGT009 Project Management 6 credits
BUS002 Business Communications 3 credits
BUS008 Research Skills 3 credits
CIT007 IT Applications: Project 2013 3 credits
CIT008 IT Applications: Publisher 2013 3 credits
CIT014 IT Applications: Business Contact Manager 2010 3 credits
MPH001 Thesis 6 credits
  • Dr.Alexia Ellul Welsh – Assistant Professor
    Post Doc in Anti-Money Laundering Expertise (MFSA/FIAU) Doctor of Law, LLD
    Research Interest: Business Administration, Legal Studies, Business and Commercial Law,
    Financial services, European law and studies, English studies, AML

Fees And Finance

  • US$3,280 (all-inclusive).
    Interest free installment plan available
    10% full payment discount
Optional Documents
1. Validation Certificate issued by International Quality Assurance for Higher Education (QAHE)
USD 300
2. Chartered Manager Award issued by QAHE USD350 (PDF)/USD450 (Hard copy)
3. Chartered Manager Award awarded by American Management School, USA USD 500 (PDF) / USD 600 (Hard copy)
4. USA State of Department Attestation Click for details


Graduation Requirement

Average GPA of 3.0; Any outstanding financial obligations must be paid

Other Information

Graduation Package
  1. 1. Degree Diploma with cover
  2. 2. Official Transcript
  3. 3. Alumni ID Card
  4. 4. Letter of Graduation


If you have transferable credits from other tertiary educational institutions, these can count towards the requirements for most PHU qualifications. Maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at admission@pebblehills.university

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