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    Distance Learning

  • From US $1,950 to $2,480

General Information

Generous Acceptance of Credit Transfer PHU awards academic credit for coursework you have successfully completed. We also award credit for military and professional certifications, licenses and examinations. Please email us for requesting the Prior Learning Portfolio here to fill in whatever courses you have completed in whatever institutions wherever.

Admission Requirement

We welcome all working adults to apply and study with us; however, for Master degree candidate, we expect you to have a Bachelor degree or its equivalence.

Professional Recognition

PHU is recognized by many professional organizations especially in the field of Accountancy, Finance, Management and Occupational Safety and Health.

Open Enrollment Policy

Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. There is also flexibility in pacing the course. All of the courses are distance learning courses offered online through our eCampus. PHU online courses operate on an open enrollment policy; there are no enrollment deadlines. This means the distance learning course starts for you on the day your registration is accepted. Registrations are processed and accepted on most business days.. With a flexible schedule of courses and eLearning platforms offered online, there is no need to travel to a campus after work or on the weekends.


This arrangement assures you shorter path to graduation. Just tell our Admission Adviser what you have already done, such as:

1. Exams such as CLEP, GRE, AP-Level, etc
2. Community College Credit
3. National Diploma Credit
4. Higher National Diploma Credit
5. Higher Diploma Credit
6. Associate Degree Credit
7. Military Training
8. Professional Development Courses
9. IT Certifications
10. Nursing Certifications
11. Licenses
12. Professional Examinations and Certifications
13. Brainbench Testing
14. Other online courses from such as Allison, Couresa, 15.Futurelearn, etc.
16. Professional working experiences
17. Seminars attended
18. Non-credit bearing classes
19. Professional workshops
20. Publications
21. Internships and Placements

Majors and Concentrations:

– Engineering Management
– Workplace Safety and Health
– Information Technology
– Computer Science
– Training and Development
– Education
– Organizational Leadership
– Human Resources Management
– Sales and Marketing
– Business Administration
– Psychotherapy
– Applied Psychology
– Social Sciences
– Cyber Security
– Computer Networking
– Computer Engineering
– Computer Security
– Project Management
– Management
– Information Systems
– Finance
– Financial Analysis
– Wealth Management
– Financial Portfolio Management
– Accountancy
– Forensic Accountancy
– Forensic Investigation
– Forensic Auditing
– Agricultural Management
– Liberal Studies

Thesis Writing Besides online courses, you may be required to complete a thesis with one of our prestigious thesis supervisors in the fields of:

1.Islamic Studies
2.Business Administration
5.Corporate Governance
6.Information Security
7.Anti-Money Laundering
9.English Studies
11.Clinical Psychology
14.Clinical Hypnotherapy
15.Engineering and Technology
We cannot list all the online courses here, however, please send us your completed Prior Learning Portfolio for our review and we will let you know how many credits will be transferred, what courses you will need to complete with us and how much you have to pay. The evaluation is free of charge and you are not obliged to apply if you are not happy with the evaluation result.

Fees And Finance

From US $1,950 to $2,480

Optional Documents
1. Validation Certificate issued by International Quality Assurance for Higher Education (QAHE)
USD 300
2. Chartered Manager Award issued by QAHEUSD350 (PDF)/USD450 (Hard copy)
3. Chartered Manager Award awarded by American Management School, USAUSD 500 (PDF) / USD 600 (Hard copy)
4. USA State of Department AttestationClick for details


Graduation Requirement

1.Bachelor Degree: at least 120 credits
2.Master Degree: at least 36 credits
3.Fulfill all financial obligations

Other Information

Download the Prior Learning Portfolio, complete it at your best knowledge and enclose all the scanned credentials (you need documentary evidence to show that you have completed the courses, exams or training you have listed in the Portfolio), resume and send everything (better put them in a zip file) to our Admission Office at admission@pebblehills.university for free evaluation.


If you have transferable credits from other tertiary educational institutions, these can count towards the requirements for most PHU qualifications. Maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.

Payment Options and Details

Please contact us for the payment information at admission@pebblehills.university

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